For the June 7, 2016, Election. Vote Yes on Measure N

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The Glendale Coalition Urges citizens to vote YES on Measure N.

The Glendale Coalition for Better Government is a nonpartisan local nonprofit organization that advocates for a transparent, responsible and sustainable government. Our interest is the interest of taxpayers, just like yourself. Together in 2015 we protected your interests by stopping greedy Glendale politicians wanting to set their own salaries. This year we are working hard to protect your hard earned dollars from wasteful spending by city management.

The Glendale Coalition for Better Government urges you to vote YES on measure “N” during the June 7th election. A YES vote will eliminate the Utility Users Tax from your electric, water and gas bills. A YES Vote will immediately reduce your Utility Bills by 7% and save you hundreds of dollars over the year. More importantly, a YES vote will bring fiscal responsibility to Glendale City Government.

We know you work hard for your tax dollars and a YES vote will stop the bloated pensions and salaries of city employees and make the city spend your tax dollars wisely. Do not be scared of the false propaganda by the city. They are using fear to hide greed. City employee salaries and benefits far exceed what Glendale City residents make in the private arena.The City Manager’s salary and benefits in 2014 was $306,434 and he received a raise in 2015 for $48,000. This year his total salary and benefits will be approximately $354,000. To put this into perspective, the Governor of California’s salary and benefits are only $212,640.

Of the approximately 1500 City employees 7 employees made more that $300,000 in salary and benefits.163 employees made $200,000 to 300,000 in salary and benefits. 536 employees made $100,000 – 200,000 in salary and benefits. It is eye opening to look at all Glendale city employee salaries on

Do not be swayed by fear propagated by special interests at City Hall or city employees who are only interested in keeping their high paid salary and benefits that you struggle day in and day out to pay through a multitude of taxes and fees. With the repeal of this one tax, the Utility User Tax, you can make a difference and force Glendale management to be fiscally responsible.

Albert_Einstein_HeadAlbert Einstein said “three forces rule the world, Fear, Greed and Stupidity”. Glendale is banking on all three to fool you by propagating false information designed to make you vote out of fear, hiding their greed, and relying on your lack of knowledge of the facts.

During this very important election a YES on “N” means YES on savings, and YES on Fiscal Responsibility. Together we stopped greed by politicians before, and together we can stop waste by city management. We urge you to vote YES on “N”.




20160423_161457Would you like to help by placing a lawn sign in front of your house? call (818)464-3772 and provide your information and we will have them delivered.

register-to-voteDeadline to register to vote is May 23, If you moved, changed your name or any reason you are not sure, register online at