Guest Blogging Guidelines

guest_blogger_wanted3Interested in submitting content to Glendale Coalition for Better Government?

Thanks for Your Interest!

We’re delighted to feature guest bloggers because we like our readers to experience important expertise, perspectives, great ideas, and relevant insights from all aspects.

What Type of Blog Posts Are We Looking For?

First and foremost your content should be informative and targeted toward our readers: Citizens in Glendale.
We’re looking for articles which will educate, and inspire our audience and members to be involved and contribute to the betterment of our city. Pertinent posts that help educates citizens  on the positive benefits of  community involvement, city governance and citizenship responsibilities.
We value originality, creativity, and factual based articles.  If you’ve been involved in Glendale we want to hear from you.
We welcome your awesome content and will do our absolute best to promote your post on our social media networks ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+).

Submissions must:

Be Original- Content must be original, relevant, timely, not previously published elsewhere, not repurposed in its entirety on your website or other blog. Although discussing your post on your blog while linking to it is acceptable.
Be Balanced  – Post should be balanced and not sell a service or promote a business– No lopsided propaganda please—especially if you’re associated with something being mentioned. Self-promotion in the body of your article is also not allowed. Please save that for your author bio.
Be Transparent – If you’re mentioning a service or product that you’re associated with, make it clear.
Provide Proper Attribution of data, quotations, and other third-party content referenced in the article
Post submitted in a Word document. Download the template bellow.
Provide an author bio (1-2 sentences) with a maximum of 1 anchor text link to your own website.

We reserves the right to edit and adapt your guest blog content as we see fit (but we’ll let you take a peek before publishing, upon request).

How to Submit a Post for Consideration:

  • Download the Blogging Template (see bellow).
  • Complete the template.
  • Email your word document along with attachment images if any to


Thanks for your interest in contributing to  Glendale Coalition for Better Government!