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Glendale Coalition for Better Government

Team meeting

We are a group of residents and business owners who want to make Glendale a better place to live, work and visit. We are committed to the idea that a dynamic and healthy city is one where important issues are addressed in an open and honest dialogue between the City Council and the city’s informed and concerned citizens. The current board of directors for GCBG are listed here.

Our mission is to promote accountability, responsiveness, transparency and integrity in Glendale City Government through the dissemination of accurate information.

We contribute to the sustainable growth of business, population and government by acting as the voice of residents and business owners. Our labor consists in educating and engaging residents and business owners in the dynamics of City management and politics. We also support political candidates that represent transparency, accountability, integrity and responsiveness.

Who We Are?

Our organization is the collective voice of individual citizens and business owners. We are the counterbalance to the entrenched institutional and vested special interest that make up our city government.

We are the average citizen.


What We Do?

  • We present the citizens’ perspective to City Council.
  • We research pressing issues and make our findings public.
  • We fight special interests that try to manipulate city officials.
  • We provide legal representation for the public against unlawful governmental action.

We organize and amplify the voice of the average citizen.

Some Issues of Concern to us.


  • Unjustifiable utility rate increases.
  • Unsound financial management.
  • Unsustainable salaries and pension that threaten the city’s financial health.
  • High density development with inadequate infrastructure.


We advocate for accountable, responsive, and transparent government.



Support Us

We are powerless if we stand alone. Only with your support can our labor be fruitful.


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